Lake Sandoval (Amazon)
  Machu Picchu (Cusco)
Native woman (Cusco)
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Welcome to Peru Adventures, a travel
guide service operated  by Juan Lazo;
one of  Peru’s most  highly acclaimed
tour guides. Over the years, Juan has
received numerous honors,  including
the  prestigious  Golden  Chakana
Award,  an  honor
he  received  in
2002  from  the
for   b e i n g
Cusco’s  best
travel  &  tour
guide  leader.

A   n a t i v e
Peruvian, Juan
lives in Cusco,
t h e   ancient
c a p i t a l  of  

Peru’s fascinating Inca Empire. He has also lived in Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, Spain and Austria, and has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the United States and Canada. An honor student, Juan majored in Tourism Administration at Cusco’s San Antonio Abad University. In addition to Spanish, Juan also speaks fluent English, German, and French.

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